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Boost your French online

with Viviane

Relax and enjoy your French moment online! Without stress, let's have an enjoyable conversation together.

When learning a language, speaking is the most difficult skill to master .

The secret to speaking better is to speak over and over again and make mistakes without fear and shyness  and so  progress!

My experience in  teaching French,  my empathetic listening  will help you to  overcome your fear and shyness and progress quickly in speaking French.

I promise you'll boost your confidence !





Choose your time, sit comfortably, relax , put your headphones on, connect to Internet via Skype or Zoom, enjoy a private lesson, tailored

to your individual needs.


I am  all yours, it's more intensive and efficient than in a group.

I have lots of resources to make you speak French with confidence in no time ! 



French conversation

Do you struggle to understand French in France ?


Have you been learning for a while but need conversation with a native to improve your confidence and fluency?


I will help you to speak like a French person with liaisons, elisions, shortened words,  expressions and familiar French


French for exams

Do you need to reinforce your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary before sitting  an exam?


Do you want to practise your written and oral skills to be sure you'll pass your  HSC, TCF, Dalf,  Delf ?

Drawing from my extensive, professional experience, and using a variety of exercises in simulated exam conditions, I can help you prepare to undertake your exam with confidence.


Kind words  from my students

Paul Roberts. NSW, Australia

“I have been learning with Viviane by Skype for the last several years. I really enjoy her conversational approach that gets you speaking from the beginning, along with target exercises for revision. 

With her help I have improved greatly my speaking, as well as my knowledge of the French culture, and always look forward to my classes for the interesting discussions and conversations we have.

I would strongly recommend Viviane to any student of the French language. "

They work with OUISPEAKFENCH

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