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Bonjour, je suis Viviane

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Born and raised in the beautiful "Pays de la Loire " region (Western France), I started my working life as a primary school teacher, while also doing freelance writing for newspapers. I then entered into journalism full time for 12 years,working for daily newspapers, radio and television.This took me to many different regions in France.


For 3 years, I went to live in Italy, in the wonderful Tuscany region, and joined the Alliance Française to teach French.    

Back in France, I taught French to French adults to prepare them for exams, and to migrants, helping them to master the French language and integrate into French society.   


Curious about Australia , I arrived in Sydney in September 2008. I taught French with enthusiasm  through community colleges and "Alliance Française" ,as well as privately.


Home sick, I returned to France in 2019. I now live in Angers and keep on teaching via Skype,  as I love being a French teacher and seeing my students make progress!

Combining my experience in journalism and teaching,

I started the podcast, "le Francais à la Une",to explain vocabulary and expressions through newspapers.

                 note:  you'll find the podcast transcript in the blog

I also  explain french idiomatics expressions and familiar French on my blog.

A nice way to improve your confidence is  by singing , you can find  on the blog  famous French songs with the lyrics for you to sing along !

Ouispeakfrench has  also a Facebook page where I post some information about French language and culture.  Have a look !


More than 15 years experience in teaching

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