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To improve your comprehension ,

you need to listen to French as often as possible

 Here are some free websites to visit :

  • RFI Radio France Internationale

The news in easy French: listen to news from French-speaking countries and read the transcript.

  • TV5 Monde

Very interesting videos (with transcriptions) , exercises and games for all levels

  • Actu FLE

activités de compréhension orale  basées  sur des reportages de l’émission « C dans l’air » (France 5). Niveau B2. Sous-titres et transcriptions disponibles.

  • France 2 JT

The TV news bulletin of the French public television.

  • Pour améliorer votre prononciation

  • France podcasts

Activités à partir de reportages extraits de la radio ou de la télévision, accompagnées de nombreuses ressources. Niveau B1 et +


  • GabFle 

Authentic audio interviews with transcription. People of different ages talk about their interests and plans.

  • Lingotv

A website created by French students, which offers short videos for a minimum A2 level. You can read subtitles and slow down the speed.

  • Listen to topics you are interested in with TED talks , you can often get the subtitles if you need.

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