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In case of interiors, the walls of the kitchen, kids’ rooms, and bathrooms tend to get dirty faster. The paint on the walls of bedrooms and living areas suffer less wear and tear. The finish of a paint matters, too. Remember, dont : skimp on priming your walls if needed. Our latest primer paint guide will help steer you , in the right direction when it comes to preparing your walls correctly. Once you have the interior square footage calculated, experts say you’ll want to divide by 350. This is the average coverage of a gallon of paint though some say 250-400 square feet. The average coverage for a gallon of primer is 200 square feet. Your square footage divided by 350 square feet gets you the number of gallons of paint you’ll need. Square footage divided by 200 gets you the number of gallons of primer you’ll need. You can save money by ensuring you don’t buy too much paint.painting phoenix4.52/5 91% 36 votes We back our Phoenix painting service with a 7-year warranty. Thats a full five years longer than the state requires, and several years longer than many other companies offer. Were that confident. , Protect your home from peeling and blistering, start saving money today! Introducing the best paint warranty in Arizona. Our , friendly, professional house painters in Phoenix are all licensed and insured, which gives you peace of mind when you work with WOW 1 DAY PAINTING. On top of that, our commitment to creating happy customers means we strive to ensure you get exactly what you want from your new paint job. When the heat starts to rise in the Valley of the Sun, the last thing you want to do is get hot and sweaty painting your house. Whether it's a fresh coat of paint in the living room and family room, or a splash of new color on the exterior of your home, painting can be a lot of tough work. Let the professional house painters in Phoenix do the hard work for you!costly paint in indiaComments are moderated and will be published only after the site moderator’s approval. Please use a genuine email ID and provide your name. Selected comments may also be used in the ‘Letters’ section of the Down To Earth print edition. Flipkart Internet Private , Limited, See what your home could look like, before even painting it, in the visualiser The choice of product is always a personal choice and also driven by budget. We will list few pointers. High sheen paints shine more and need a good wall preparation as minute imperfections will also show. Use the costly paint in focus areas and choose matt finish economy paints in other areas. It's very common in India to use matt finish paints for ceiling. Weather Guard Apex is specially formulated to withstand harsh environmental condition like rainfall, humidity and heat. Excellent Protection against UV Attack APEX provides extremely good protection against alkali and UV degradation thus ensuring that the shade doesnrsquot fade for a long time and the paint lasts longer.Excellent Anti-algal Performance APEX provides excellent resistance to growth of algae and fungi on the walls. This prevents appearance of black spots on walls due to algal growth. Fantastic Shade Range APEX comes in over 1700 attractive shades that include dark shades that provide excellent hiding. """""""


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